Empowered communities can achieve justice when we act together to make social change - that's why we need the financial support of everyone who believes in our work. For as little as $2 per month, you can become a Climate Change Activist and join our list of community members dedicated to promoting climate change and environmental justice.
    • Climate Activist $24 annually ($2/monthly)
    • Climate Advocate $120/annually ($10/monthly)
    • Climate Champion $300/annually ($25/monthly)
    • Climate Benefactor $1200/annually ($100/month)
    • Climate Patron $2400/annually ($200/month)
    Your membership is the best way to partner with us in this critical work. 

    Gift Membership Type
    Recipient's Name and Address

    Note: Your tax-deductible donation/membership dues are billed monthly, and a PayPal account is needed - it is secure and simple to set up, and allows you to manage your membership subscription
    If you really don't want to open a PayPal account, use the Donate Button for the annual dues.

    Membership Benefits: 
    Your tax-deductible donation will help others understand and adapt to climate change by funding proactive outreach campaigns, innovative training and life-changing education programs.
    With your membership donation, Climate Activists will receive a subscription to our newletter with vital updates on climate change, and discounts on our training classes.
    Climate Advocates, Champions, Benefactors and Patrons will receive a subscription to our newletter with vital updates on climate change, discounts on our training classes, a Climate Change 911 poster, a "Stop Global Warming" tshirt, and a personalized acknowledgement award.
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