About Us

We are are group of climatologists, scientists, educators and activists whose work is guided by one simple truth: The climate crisis is real and we must start to address it now.

Our blog and website contain hundreds of articles, graphics, and videos on climate change from many of the world's leading climate scientists. We utilize social media channels to target specific audiences, and provide climate change education talks, presentations, and a slide show titled “Climate Change 911” to schools, libraries, and any other public venues.

We have a list of speakers available for media interviews and presentations, who can provide facts, statistics, and related data on causes, current efforts and solutions to climate change.

Our programs include sending out Climate Ambassadors to raise social consciousness about climate change, and to hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from climate change, regardless of their sex, race, ethnicity, or religion.

Our goal by 2020 is to educate, inspire and activate one million children and adults to take the carbon reduction pledge, press for political action, and work on creating healthy, sustainable communities.
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